Guess Who

An image-based guessing game for your team.

Getting started is as simple as clicking a button and granting access to your Slack workspace.

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Guess Who is a simple game for your team on Slack. You can create the prompt, and then everyone submits an image. Once you start the game, everyone gets a chance to guess who submitted each image. The most classic example is submitting baby pictures and letting everyone guess who it is.

  • Create a game in any channel and provide a title and description.
  • Anyone can choose to participate and submit an image.
  • The game’s creator is in full control of the game and decides when to stop collecting images and start and end the guessing.
  • When the game ends, all of the images are posted to the channel so that everyone can see the answers and talk about the images.

While the baby picture game is the most classic, you can customize the prompt and play anything. Some of our favorite games include:

  • Frequently used Slack emoji. Everyone takes a screenshot of their frequently used Slack emoji and you try to guess based on that.
  • Your desk. Everyone takes a photo of their desk/home office.
  • Your view. Everyone takes a photo of their view from their office.
  • Your favorite movie. Everyone submits a picture of the poster or a scene from their favorite movie.
  • Your current music jam. Everyone submits a picture of the album cover for whatever they’re currently listening to on repeat.
This app is currently in beta and completely free.

There's nothing else worth reading before trying it for yourself!

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