Ask Me Anything

Run Ask Me Anything and other Q&A sessions directly in Slack.

Getting started is as simple as clicking a button and granting access to your Slack workspace.

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Ask Me Anything sessions can be a fun way to learn more about your colleagues. You can create the session in advance, opening it up to questions. Anyone in the room can add questions. Everyone can also upvote and downvote questions, so that the questions end up ordered by the group’s interest. When the time comes to run the session, simply click Start and the room will be presented with the list of questions in their current priority order. They’re still interactive, so that people can continue to upvote and downvote while questions are being answered.

Written or Video Conferenced

You can decide whether you want to conduct the entire session in Slack with written answers, or whether you’d prefer to use whatever video conferencing (or Slack huddle) your team normally uses to make it more like an in person event. If you choose to use a video call, you can add the link to your session to make it easier for people to join.

(And if you do opt for a video call, we strongly encourage you to make use of the designated moderator feature. The events flow much better when someone other than the person answering the questions is running things.)

Named Events

The Ask Me Anything format lends itself to personal questions. But the Q&A dynamics and upvoting/downvoting work equally well for all sorts of events. You can give your session a name instead of defaulting to the person’s name. That way you can do something like set up questions for your monthly all hands meeting and let everyone contribute questions in advance and vote for the questions they’d most like to see answered.

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This app is currently in beta and completely free.

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