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Named shortcuts make it easy to share links.

Getting started is as simple as clicking a button and granting access to your Slack workspace.

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Go Shortcuts let you make named shortcuts for links that you can share. Instead of having to rely on search to find something, you can easily remember named shortcuts like /go roadmap or /go bug. You can also tell people easily out loud, or mention a link in a presentation without people having to transcribe a long URL.

You can find our career progression documents and pay bands at /go levels.

Big companies like Google have depended on tools like this for years, but they use bespoke internal systems. They also depend on having local networks where DNS tricks can make it easier to resolve fake hosts (and the internal teams to manage all that). One of the most common quality of life complaints when people leave companies like that is that they hadn’t realized how much they depended on these named links. Go Shortcuts are an easy way to bring this functionality to the rest of us, with nothing complicated to administer.

Your team is already using Slack for everything, and nobody wants to have to manage something else. Go Shortcuts are managed directly in Slack. Adding a new shortcut is as simple as /go roadmap https://www....

You can also retrieve shortcuts directly in slack by simply typing /go roadmap. And if you want to post the link for everyone in the room, just add an ! to the end. It’s a great way to answer a question like “Does anybody remember the link to our wiki?” and remind people that the named shortcuts exist.

Your named shortcuts are also available at a special URL, and most browsers allow configuration so that you can simply type go roadmap in the address bar to go to the URL. Chrome and Edge configure these as custom search engines and Firefox configures them as bookmarks with smart keywords. The app will walk you through exactly how to configure your browser to unlock this convenience. And rest assured, your shortened URLs require authentication so that they’re only available to people in your Slack workspace.

OMG THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY!!!!!! 🙌 It was by far one of my most favorite internal tools we had at Twitter.
This app is currently in beta and completely free.

There's nothing else worth reading before trying it for yourself!

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