Manage meeting agendas in Slack! Your team is already using Slack, so collaboratively create agendas right where you're already working.

Getting started is as simple as clicking a button and granting access to your Slack workspace.

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Good meetings tend to have good agendas. With Agenda, your team can collaboratively create agenda items right where you’re already working together.

  • Every channel in your Slack workspace gets its own agenda.
  • Anybody in the room can add topics to the agenda.
  • Items can be reordered.
  • When items are commented on or resolved, a note is added to the original message in Slack, so you automatically have a written record.

Agenda is a lightweight way to empower your team to have better meetings.

We use Agenda extensively at Driver Technologies -- it's how we plan and prioritize meetings across our organization. It keeps us on track, on task, and makes sure we don't drop the ball on anything important. At this point, I can't imagine managing a remote and asynchronous team without it.
Ben Heller
CTO @ Driver
This app is currently in beta and completely free.

There's nothing else worth reading before trying it for yourself!

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